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DC Provider Annual Training--Register Today!

All providers are required to attend annual training. Below you will find the dates and times for upcoming workshops. Seats are limited!


Our registration process has changed. Please follow these instructions:


1) Please note the date of the training session you want to attend. 


2) Click 'Events' then click on the Register Now button for DC Training Sessions. 


3) On the next page, click the Register Now button.  You will be directed to a form. 

    Please complete the entire form and submit when finished. 


4) You will receive an email confirming your registration; however, your training date will not appear. Please note the date on your calendar.  


If you want to register for more than one date, you will need to register separately for each date. 



Homes and Centers Annual Training

December 14, 2019
10am - 1pm
Super Giant  5500 Silver Hill Road
District Heights, MD
January 25, 2020
10am -1pm
Super Giant 
5500 Silver Hill Road
District Heights, MD