CEO Biography

Lillian Dillard

Lillian Dillard, CEO

Lillian Turner-Dillard is a native of North Carolina. She spent the first part of her career as a teacher in the elementary and junior high school systems in the states of North and South Carolina. After her teaching career ended, she worked as an education specialist, and assistant to the director of the Continuing Education Department located at UNC-Wilmington. While in this position, she received a Master’s Degree in Education Supervision. Eventually, her career path led her to school administration.  


In 1980, she founded T & T Tutor World, Inc., which serves North Carolina, South Carolina, and Washington, DC areas. The organization serves as an umbrella sponsor of the USDA Child and Adult Care Food Program for day care centers and day care home providers. The purpose of the Child and Adult Care Food Program is to improve the diet of children ages 12 and younger. 


Lillian is very active in her community where she attends church, sings in the Women’s Choir, and volunteers her time to serve others in the community. She has children and grandchildren. 

Who is T & T Tutor World, Inc.?

Educational excellence, unwavering dedication, and outstanding childcare--these are the values of T & T Tutor World, Inc. as consultants in education and nutrition.



Demand for daycare facilities continues to grow day by day, but all too often institutions only focus on either allowing the child to enjoy their childhood and develop naturally or forcing the child to focus only on mental development in order to achieve high test scores later on in life.


T & T Tutor World, Inc. is different. We promote physical activities in large open areas and a wide variety of educational games; we also have a small library and various arts and crafts for your child to unleash his or her full creative and intellectual potential. Our goal is to promote every child's development individually using an appropriate mix of academic and recreational activities. 


In order to qualify as a daycare provider, in the State of NC and DC homes must have a license; however, SC requires a home either have a license or registration. All centers must have a license and at least 25% of the enrolled children must be income eligible. Those who qualify are eligible to receive reimbursement to help feed the children in their care.